How to capture packets

I have seen a few posts talking about capture packets for reverse engineering of some new switch/dimmer/device that is yet to be supported by OpenHAB

I like to know how to capture this?

Do I do the capture on the OpenHAB server(in my case, I have OpenHAB running on its own Raspberry).

Do I capture from one of my other computer?

Sadly, this is one of those areas where if you have to ask you probably don’t yet have the skills to be successful at what you are attempting. It is not a trivial thing to interpret or analyze the traffic once you have it captured.

You need to capture the network traffic between your device and the computers your device communicates with, hoping that the network traffic isn’t encrypted (though in that case I’d think seriously about whether you should be using that device in the first place).

Do some google searching for tutorials on how to use Wireshark and analyze TCP/IP traffic.

Good luck!

Thank you for the advice.

I was able to monitor the 802.11 earlier.

Back in the days I was working in a network monitor company, I setup a bridge device in front of the router, all incoming / outgoing packets were able to capture via the bridge device I setup.

I asked this question because I kept seeing some developers here asked other for capturing packets and I was just curious how that was done without the similar bridge.

Some network gear supports port mirroring which will send a copy of the packet out to a designated port on the router itself. This will not require the bridge device.