How to change installation package?

hi everyone:
here is my problem:
i have installed openhab2 and everything worked well until we had to chose a package .
my coworker chose simple package not knowing it doesn’t include 1.x bindings like mqtt that we badly NEED.
how do we fix that. I want the expert package

PS; not familiar with linux commands so please be precise.

thanks to everyone reading this. "

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modify /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg and set:

package = expert

how do i do that ? using putty ?

login into your Linux system running OH2 and edit that file.

sudo apt-get install vim
sudo vim /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg

Press “Insert” button on your keyboard to modify
Press: :wq to write the file and quit the editor (vim)

how do i do that ? using putty? i downloaded openhabian on the raspberry.

Yes, use putty to login to your openhabian system :slight_smile:

you can use any text editor you like to modify that file.

vim is the most hated one, so i recommend this :stuck_out_tongue:

did this sudo vim /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg
now i have a purple display
what do i write ? and how ??
sorry if i’m stupid

within vim:

press “Insert” (Ins button on your keyboard)
press Enter
type the following: package = expert
edit: Press “Escape” (Esc button on your keyboard)
press :wq

then restart OH2 service with systemctl restart openhab2

more on editing files with vim on:

what’s wq ? i put package = expert

oops… forgot to tell you to press Escape button after inserting that line
after escape, type :wq on your keyboard to exit vim (with the : in front)

when i try to write system clt it says authentification failed

oops again… (you are logged in as openhabian user)

sudo su
systemctl restart openhab2


sudo systemctl restart openhab2


also when i wrote :wq it says “readonly” option selected

therefore i couldn’t write systemctl so i open a new terminal and when i did it says authentification failed

vim gives you this response? strange…

close vim (:q!) and try again:

sudo su
vim /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg

can’t reply anymore: so her it is
i wrote the sudo vim… again it there is nomore error : I see package = expert but when i log in openhabianpi:8080, i still don’t see mqtt; Seems like i still have package simple

You are running openHABian and you haven’t set anything up yet. I strongly recommend just starting over from scratch and selecting the proper package the next time. It will probably be faster.