How to change package in Initial Setup page

Hello! In the initial setup page I clicked on demo package just to experiment. Now I want to choose the standard package so I can begin to set up my ecosystem. What can I do? Thank you

If you have nothing you want to preserve from the demo probably the easiest will be to stop OH, delete the contents of the userdata folder (var/lib/openhab2/) and your conf folder (/etc/openhab2/) and when OH restarts it will be like a fresh install. Then you can choose the package you want just as you did before.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind doing all your installation of bindings through text config files, you can edit services/addons.cfg and set package = standard. However, be aware that the cfg files take precedence over anything you do in PaperUI so if you go this route you will need to install new addons here. OH will immediately install then uninstall any addon you try to install from PaperUI once you start using addons.cfg.


Thank you so much!

I knew this question was going to come back. I’ll take note to add the answer to docs. @anon82415999 thanks for reminding me.

Here is the maybe less intrusive answer: A single distro from now on!

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Thank you very much…

hello everyone, i have similar problem.My coworker opted for package simple without knowing it was for 2.x bindings only. But we need the mqtt binding(1.x) which we just can’t find on the list.

sorry but i know nothing about linux. how do i do what is mentioned above. how do i acces those files to even be able to erase them ?? sudo erase file ??

PS: i installed Openhabian directly on the raspberry pi

OK, so openHABian does not require one to be a Linux enthusiast, but you cannot be completely ignorant of Linux. If you have this degree of lack of knowledge of how to work with Linux I recommend either taking an online class or the like to learn some Linux basics or run OH on a platform you are familiar with (presumably Windows). You will have to edit text files on the RPi at some point. You will have to be able to log into the RPi using Putty at some point. You will have to be able to navigate the RPi on the command line at some point.

This is a great way to experiment. Better learn this stuff now when the risks are pretty low.

That being said, you don’t really need this. openHABian shares the conf folder as a samba share that you can mount on your Windows or Mac and edit the files from there. The addons.cfg file mentioned above is in the services folder under the conf folder.

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I installed the windows version as well , how do I pair it with my raspberry??

What do you means?
You have installed OH on your raspeberry AND windows?

Yes what the problem??(installed openhabian on the raspb.) Just wanna if there is a way to install openhab on the raspberry thanks to windows’s openhab

That make no sense

Which computer do you want openHAB to be running from?