How to cleanup after downgrade?


During my tests I accidently upgraded to a snapshot build instead of the mileston M4. I was able to downgrade back to 2.4 stable according to this post.
Then I installed the 2.5.0.M4 milestone. But now I can see a lot of snapshot references in Paper UI’s UI section:

Now I’m not sure if these are just junk references or something was left behine during the downgrade.

Can I sonehow make sure my system is not referencing anything from the snapshot build?
If yes, how can I clean these junks?
If not, how can I fully uninstall and clean my RPi from OH? (I’m running other stuffs on this RPi which I wouldn’t like to lose by a full RPi reinstall)

If that is possible I would like to uninstall and cleanup my system, then reinstall OH2.4 stable and restore my OH backup.

Could someone please redirect me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance!

To change versions see doc’s here.

To clean up OH use:
sudo systemctl stop openhab2

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

sudo systemctl start openhab2 or just sudo reboot as a reboot is sometimes needed.

I did that after all upgrade and downgrade.

BTW you may need to do it more than once.

To backup and restore on fresh install see

Thank you!
I have already tried it at least 5 times but didn’t helped.
Fortunately I have backup from before the update.

Installing fresh may be the best option since downgrades are not really supported well.

It took a bit but finally (more or less) I made it.

I had issues with frontail and the OHJ port. If anyone relies on the backup take note that the configured port seetings was not backed up. At least for me. I had to change according to this post.