How to clear RFXCOM Inbox?

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I currently have 425 devices in my RFXCOM Inbox which makes it hard to use.
How can I clear the RFXCOM inbox so that I can see new devices when pushing buttons etc?

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can anyone help me?

Is there really no option to do this?


To stop new rogue ones appearing:

  • In PaperUI, Configuration - Things - RFXCOM USB Transceiver, select edit
  • Switch on the “Disable discovery of unknown devices” button
  • Save (click the tick)

I’m not sure if there is a quick way of removing the unwanted ones apart from perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling the binding.

I want new ones to appear, but I want to first get rid of all the old ones - otherwise this whole thing is not usable.
I wonder what people thought when creating this…

I got rid of all my unwanted ones and only turn off the “Disable discovery of unknown devices” button when I’m adding new RFXCOM type things. I turn it on again afterwards.

But, if you’ve got over four hundred, then deleting them one by one would be a bit painful.

You could stop openHAB and delete them all in one go in


A manual clear all on the Inbox would be useful when setting new items up