How to command line add on install

Can someone give me some instructions on how to add bindings manually and get to the text files of say ecobee or unifi bindings?

I have tried and was about to vnc in and install them there but I’d really like to learn the CLI way.

I have searched around alot and am having issues.


In your folder you will have a file called: addons.cfg which look like this:

# The installation package of this openHAB instance
# Note: This is only regarded at the VERY FIRST START of openHAB
# Note: If you want to specify your add-ons yourself through entries below, set the package to "minimal"
# as otherwise your definition might be in conflict with what the installation package defines.
# Optional. If not set, the dashboard (https://<yourserver>:8080/) will ask you to choose a package.
# Valid options:
#   - minimal  : Installation only with dashboard, but no UIs or other add-ons. Use this for custom setups.
#   - simple   : Setup for using openHAB purely through UIs - you need to expect MANY constraints in functionality!
#   - standard : Default setup for normal users, best for textual setup
#   - expert   : Setup for expert users, especially for people migrating from openHAB 1.x
#   - demo     : A demo setup which includes UIs, a few bindings, config files etc.
# See for a detailed explanation of these packages.
#package = minimal

# Access Remote Add-on Repository
# Defines whether the remote openHAB add-on repository should be used for browsing and installing add-ons.
# This not only makes latest snapshots of add-ons available, it is also required for the installation of
# any legacy 1.x add-on. (default is true)
#remote = true

# Include legacy 1.x bindings. If set to true, it also allows the installation of 1.x bindings for which there is 
# already a 2.x version available (requires remote repo access, see above). (default is false)
#legacy = true

# A comma-separated list of bindings to install (e.g. "binding = sonos,knx,zwave")
binding = espmilighthub,http1,exec,nest,network,tcp1,weather1,caldav-command1,mqttitude1,mqtt1,chromecast,astro,expire1,systeminfo,samsungtv,openhabcloud

# A comma-separated list of UIs to install (e.g. "ui = basic,paper")
#ui = 

# A comma-separated list of persistence services to install (e.g. "persistence = rrd4j,jpa")
#persistence = 

# A comma-separated list of actions to install (e.g. "action = mail,pushover")
#action = 

# A comma-separated list of transformation services to install (e.g. "transformation = map,jsonpath")
#transformation = 

# A comma-separated list of voice services to install (e.g. "voice = marytts,freetts")
#voice = 

# A comma-separated list of miscellaneous services to install (e.g. "misc = myopenhab")
#misc = 

The use of that file is described in:

Once installed, most bindings will be configurable through the paperUI or through a file called bindingname.cfg located in the conf/services folder
The parameters required in those binding configuration files are described in the docs for the respective binding.

Feature:install in Karaf can install bindings

Thanks guys, I got last night thanks to your info I need to start documenting my most used commands as I get time sporadically to work on my server. A good experience so far and I am faster and better each time.