How to config everything without Paper UI (noob's trouble?)

Hello everybody!

I am a noob to OpenHAB, so sorry if this question is stupid actually, but I did not get results googling it over.
I want everything in OpenHAB to be configured transparently (to me), in configuration files. Mainly because of its predictibility.
But I can’t find that magic place, where it is fully documented, maybe with simple examples for noobs.
All I can get is very superficial description on (open Paper UI, click here, then click there, thats it!) and on the other side very specific, hardly understandable, deep usage samples here in community. I feel that such documentation must exist.

At this moment I get lost in Paper UI, it works on its crazy own, I can’t understand why many things happen, with unpredictable internal logics i.e. 1) where Things, Channels and Bindings are stored (where is that magic internal database and how to use/edit it, ow why it is not intended to be easily accessible by user)
2) Why I can’t normally edit once created things, or even fully delete them from Paper UI
Actually I dont’t want to spend time hacking around that strange raw UI, I’d better study “if I write A to config_A and B to config_B then I get C, and it is determined”.

I have set up with a fight a basic functionality of OpehHAB with my existing hardware, but even now flat Things list in Paper UI looks very awkward and some items bindings does not work, although they should work (copy-pasted from working ones) and I feel I am very tired of fighting this Paper interface.
Perhaps the paper interface was sent to us for our sins and I am obliged to use it (because I am sinful)?

OpenHAB 2.5 (updated from 2.4), Raspbian, MQTT bindings

Most bindings have config file examples in their setup docs.

Those files belong in the raspian file system. Most of the time under /etc/openhab2.

Look at binding docs again you should see them.

Read the docs and search the forum before posting, please.

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Sorry. Hastened to write. I figured things out. Almost.
(Moderators) please delete my original post.

The file location depends on how it was originally installed. There is a section in the documentation explaining this.