How to configure a Rollershutter for the homekit Addon


in my item config I have the following line

Rollershutter EG_Office_Shutter “Buro Rollladen” (EG_Office, Shutters) [“Switchable”] { knx=“1/1/18, 1/1/19, 1/1/20” }

I would like to make it accessible with homekit but I don’t know what type I can use for this case.

Lights are working perfectly fine but I don’t know how to get shutters working. I tried “Switchable” but this doesn’t work.

Can anybody pleas help me?



I would also like that, but I could not find out how to do it

I am using Qubino Zwave Shutter controls. It has 2 items connected to two different channels of the roller module;
Rollershutter AK1_Rollercontrol bind to blinds position
Switch AK1_Rollerswitch bind to ON, OFF position

I put the [“Switchable”] tag to AK1_Rollerswitch. Note that channel should provide ON or OFF only for the Switchable tag, not the percentages or the position. It works very well with Homekit and Siri now.

And please note that under development branch beowulfe implemented new tags including garage doors, shades and windows coverings. Maybe you can use that development binding ( I haven’t used it yet.

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sounds good - but, beginner-question, how to install this binding instead of the official one?

You have to compile binding to a .jar fle and copy it to addons folder. I have no idea about the compilation technique but it includes javac and openhab binding developer document pages. I still can live with just open and close (ON and OFF) without positioning for the homekit, so i never needed to install this binding.

Yes i compiled and try to use development branch homekit from beowulfe’s git. Managed to see “WindowCovering” tagged AllShutters Group in homekit. But been trying to use “homekit:position” or “position” tags on RollerShutters but it is not working. The samples and the info regarding tags are different on beowulfe’s page. But none of them are working at the moment. Trying more…

Hi, same problem here. I built and installed the addon but could not manage to get it working :frowning: