How to configure Items placement


I know how to create a sitemap and I know how to seperate things using frames like this:

Frame {
	Group item=gFF label="Wohnung" icon="firstfloor"

	Frame {
	Group item=gBM label="Keller" icon="cellar"
	Frame {
	Group item=gAL label="Alarmanlage" icon="shield"

But now I would like to seperate my items like in “living room” for example Lights / Informations / Other. Now everything is kind of mixed up and automatically arranged/placed. Is there a way to arrange items manually?

Place each Item on your sitemap individually. You have not control over order or appearance when using Group in your sitemap.

Mmh, so when I already grouped items then I cannot arrange them individually, wasn´t aware of that.

Can you give me an example of how such a sitemap would like like? Isn´t it very confusing then?

It’s long but no more confusing than using groups.

Here is the top portion of my sitemap:

sitemap wh label="Wuthering Heights" {
	Frame label="Controls" {
		Switch item=aGarageOpener1 mappings=[ON=Open]
		Switch item=aGarageOpener2 mappings=[ON=Open]
		Group item=gLights_ALL
		Switch item=gLights_ALL 
		Switch item=aAlertTest mappings=[ON=Test]
		Switch item=aInfoTest mappings=[ON=Test]
		Switch item=aSensorUpdate mappings=[ON=Request]
	Frame label="Climate" {
		Text item=vNest_LastConnection
		Text item=vNest_Online
		Text item=aNest_Away
		Text item=vNest_State
		Setpoint item=aNest_TargetTemp minValue=50 maxValue=75 step=1
		Switch item=aNest_Fan
		Text item=vNest_Temp
        Text item=vMBR_Temperature
		Text item=vNest_Humidity
		Text item=vMBR_Humidity
		Text item=vMBR_Light