How to configure logging in openHAB 2 via config file?


i want to customize logging in openHAB 2 (distribution). I know, that i can do this at runtime in the openhab console (via log:set, etc), but i want to configure logging with a config file. I found file runtime/karaf/etc/org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg, which seems to contain the default logging configuration for openHAB 2.
How can I override these settings with a config file in the conf folder?


That isn’t possible, you will have to edit the file within the Karaf folder. If you have any idea, how this could be potentially solved, feel free to come up with a suggestion.

Thank you, for your quick reply.
Although this might not be the most elegant way to configure the logging backend (config in runtime folder), I can live with this restriction. :slight_smile: