How to configure zwave device using direct parameter settings


I use an Aeon Labs Gen 5 Z-Stick and would like to disable the led flashing. This can be done using a configuration parameter of the device:

But I have no idea where I can push the new value for the parameter to the device using either habmin or paper ui.

Can somebody give me an idea? The same situation will appear more often, when I will be adding more specific configuration to my z-wave devices.


This is not possible as far as I know - at least not from OH. The only way I’ve heard that it might be possible is to send a configuration from another controller.

My understanding from talking to Sigma is that they never implemented the ability to send commands to controllers in this way (ie via serial), so unless Aeon have implemented something special.

For more normal devices, in HABmin you select the device in the thing configuration page, and it will list all the configuration parameters. PaperUI is basically the same I think.

I know that it is possible via the backup tool, see pdf manuel for backup tool

Unfortunately the backup tool is MS Windows only…

Please give me an idea, why you think programming the eprom via serial should not be possible. The parameter of the Z-Stick Gen5 are in the database like for e. g. the multi sensor 6, also Aeon Labs. And in Habmin I see many configuration parameters for the multi sensor. Also in Paper UI I see the possibility to deactive/activate security network mode, which seems equal to setting parameter number 242.


I assume you mean programming the controller?

As I said, in my discussions with Sigma they said that the serial API that they provide, which is the basis for all zwave controllers, doesn’t support this. Now maybe Aeon have implemented support for this, but I also read somewhere else on the net (in the OZW forum I think) that it was also only possible to do this from another controller and not via serial so this would be consistent.

Yes - this is what I said above - for normal devices configuration is available through HABmin or PaperUI. Sorry if I don’t understand your point here.