How to configure Zwave Devices with Alexa?


I have used openHab for about 3 days now so I’m completely new. I finally did run into an issue I’m not sure how to fix myself, that is getting Alexa to be able to control Zwave devices.

Here is what I have so far:

I’ve paired my Raspberry Pi version of openHab with I have paired Alexa with openHab using the skill in the Alexa app. It shows up in myopenhab as enabled.

I’ve successfully added all my devices through Paper UI. I’ve added Hue bulbs, wemo switches, my phone, and successfully added a Zwave stick. I have also successfully added a Zwave power switch, motion detector/temp sensor as well.

All of these devices work perfectly fine when monitoring or turning off/on using the sliders in the Controls section of Paper UI or my phone. I can even control them including the Zwave power switch remotely through my phone.

My issue is I cannot control my Zwave power switch with Alexa. She can’t find it. I’ve tried using discovery in the Alexa app but no luck. I’ve even created a switches.items file and added the switch there.

I’m not sure what I’m missing and have looked online for a solution but no luck. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

Also while typing this, I’ve discovered a quirk. Whenever I sudo reboot openHab, I have to go back into add-ons and reinstall the Cloud Connector service.

You need to add a tag to your items:
For example,
Switch TestSwitch "Zwave Testswitch" { channel="zwave:device:xyxyxyxyxyxyx:nodexx:switch_binary" }
Switch TestSwitch "Zwave Testswitch" [ "Switchable" ] { channel="zwave:device:xyxyxyxyxyxyx:nodexx:switch_binary" }
then let Alexa search for the devices again.

Got it working! Thanks,

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Ok, so I got my Zwave switch working with Alexa, but I’ve got another device that I cannot. I got a strip of LED lights with a wifi controller. I was able to link the controller fine, added to my sitemap no problem. However I can’t get Alexa to discover it. Here is my items code for it:

Switch FF_LR_VIZIO_TV_LIGHTS_POWER “Vizio TV Lights” [ “Lighting” ] {channel=“wifiled:wifiled:A020A61D6418:power”}

I’ve also tried the tag [ “Switchable”]. Right now I’m just trying to get it where Alexa can turn them on and off. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.