How to connect to Smartthings or Google home, to turn off the Samsung TV from openhab

Hey Guys,

Currently im making a wall mounted tablet setup in my home.
Before this i used google home for routines etc. This worked very well.
The wall mounted tablet is all setup now but im running into 1 problem.

I really would like to send a command from openhab to my Samsung TV to turn on/off.
This works trough Google Home and/or the Smartthings app right now but is almost impossible to straight connect to openhab.

I tried to find solutions to connect openhab with the one or the other. But im just not sure what the best solution for this is.

Here are some solutions that could work:

(I read that there is a smarthings binding but could not find that in paper ui.)

The orange assist binding someone made. (Only able to put 2 links in post)

These are some option, but they are not straight forward at all.

I hope someone allready tried this to make it work and can tell me what the easiest solution is.



What do you mean “almost” ? There’s a dedicated samsungtv binding, did you try that ?

Yes i did, the samsung tv binding only supports a small amount of old samsung TV’s.
And especcialy the power option is very limited on wich TV’s it works. It didnt work for me

I mean with almost, there are people that made it work to send command from openhab to Google Home or send commands to Smartthings. But its not easy to configure. Cause the google assistant binding only works one way. And smartthings is not supported by openhab

What OH version do you run? Did you try 2.5 with the latest binding version ?

I run 2.4, actually never thought about updating.

Im gonna look into that, thanks

Allright, i updated and like you said, it works better. I can turn the TV off with the samsung TV bind.
Unfortunately power on doesnt work yet, but i think i could manage that trough the Chromecast binding.

Much thanks for the help.


You need to wake-on-LAN your TV first so check out the wol binding.
Just took your post as an encouragement to finally properly setup my TV myself. Finally did the required annoying cable works to get it onto my Ethernet, now I can cross that off my todo list.

Ahhhh yes ofcourse that makes sense, got that for my pc allready so thats gonna be easy.

Hahahaha nice enjoy!

much thanks for the help!

For people that are looking into this post for solutions for samsung tv.

There is no need for a external WOL item for me anymore.
The samsung tv binding sends its own WOL command when the mac adress of the samsung tv is entered into your thing file of the samsung tv

Still have to say that the samsung binding is unstable at times.

What version are you running? 2.5.2 is current, I think and 2.5.3 will be released any day.

He Bruce,

Still running 2.5 after openhab crashed and i had to reinstall i tried 2.5.2 but had some problems with it so downgraded it to 2.5

Everything is stable for me right now and working how i want to so im just gonna keep looking at updates until i think its my time to update also.

But in your experience the binding is more stable in 2.5.2?

I think it also really depends on what tv you have from samsung, some work better then the other.
On other post from samsung binding i read that alot of people still having problems with 2.5.2

Version 2.5.1, among other things, allowed just addons to be updated. The 2.5 core is frozen so only addons are receiving updates.

I have been running 2.5.2 for several weeks but I am sure we use different addons & bindings.

Thats actually really handy, im gonna look into that and maybe upgrade to 2.5.1

Thanks alot

Actually 2.5.2 is more current, with newer addons / bindings. 2.5.3 is supposed to be released soon, at any time.