How to control Alexa amazon echo with openhab?

Hello there,

i was wondering if there exists any kind of “alexa binding” for the amazon echo. Not for voice control, which already works.
My use case:

I want to tell alexa “turn on music”. then openhab should check whether power is switched on, if the amp has the correct input and after that openhab should start playing random music ON ALEXA.

other use case:
when i tell alexa to start tv she (actually openhab) does everything needed (turn on power, tv, amp, receiver, choose correct inputs) but after that alexa is still connected to the bluetooth connection from the receiver. so i cant hear anything she is telling me until i tell her to disconnect the bluetooth devices. but i want openhab to tell alexa to disconnect from bluetooth (and to connect later, when tv is switched off again).

is there any solution for this szenario?


I think rules are the best way to achieve what you’re after.

It might be possible to have a dummy switch which Alexa turns on and then OpenHAB does the leg work of turning on the devices and playing your music via rules

Thanks for your answer.

But what can I do to disconnect bluetooth from Alexa within an rule from openhab?


So is there really no solution to control Alexa’s Bluetooth connectivity with openhab?


See my beta binding: