How to control GPIO raspberry pi with OpenHAB connected thermostat


Is it possible to control the GPIO of a raspberry pi by a thermostat connected to OpenHAB?
I would like to set the GPIO high when there is heat demand and low when there is not.

I know there are bindings to control the GPIO. But are there thermostats capable to control this bindings?

In openHAB the thermostat never talks directly with anything but openHAB. The flow of a command from a thermostat would be something like:

Thermostat changes target temp -> Thermostat’s binding -> Target Temp Channel -> Target Temp Item -> Rule -> GPIO Item -> GPIO -> Device

That rule could just as easily forward that command to a Zwave Item. That is the power of openHAB. Nothing has to talk directly with anything but openHAB which effectively means everything can talk to everything else.

So if you have a thermostat that can talk to openHAB, it can talk to GPIO by default.