How to control thermostat (CT-80) with remote sensor?

Hello there. I have the CT-80 thermostat with the Z-wave model, and have successfully been using it for a couple months now. I purchased an additional ZooZ multi-sensor to control the HVAC system during the night using the temperature in my bedroom, but cannot figure out how to do that.

I know that there is some built-in functionality for these thermostats for “Remote Temperature Control”, but I do not know how to utilize this. The only documentation I could find is on page 9. It refers to rem_mode and rem_temp, but gives the http methods and nothing for zwave.

Has anyone done this? I could write some rules to manually turn the HVAC on and off during the night based on that temperature sensor if I need to, but didn’t know if there might be something already out there to accomplish this.