How to correct rrd4j charts for correct time

How do I correct the time in the graphs for my local time zone. I have set the correct values in Paper UI under “System” but that does not seem to transfer over to basic UI and the rr4dj charts.

I have also set the correct time zones in -config and via tzselect however the graphs remain on the previous (universal) time.

What server OS do you use? Linux, Windows?

Openhabian on Rpi 4

In ssh, on the command line what does the
$ date
command show?

it shows the correct time and date

what about your time zone in openhabian-config ?

Comment only - I believe rrd4j stores data with UTC timestamps. So in theory, you can store data from one timezone, later change your timezone, and then recover the data with “new” timestamps.
I can see some problems in waiting there, though.

If you stored your data with an incorrect system timezone set, then it will get stored with incorrect “UTC”. No amount of correcting system timezone will undo that effect on the stored data. That’s what you did, isn’t it?

Then there’s rrd4j’s magic trick of compressing data on a daily (or whatever) basis - if you change timezones, I presume it changes the boundaries of when exactly that happens. I’ve no idea how clever it would be at untangling that.