How to create a new binding

The article mentions the script.
I believe the script belongs to the old build system which should no longer be used (
How is the prefered way to create a new binding?

There is some work on a new skeleton generation that supports the new build system:

Until then I think the easiest way to start is to look at one of the migration pr’s that was automatically migrated (i.e. any binding migrated by me) and see what files it changes and copy the changed files/changes and adapt them to your new binding.

The mentioned documentation is also rewritten or in the process of being rewritten in an outstanding pull request

I guess the timing is just not perfect to start development. But it’s doable.

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Looking to create a new binding. Found the instructions here: but I see references to Eclipse SmartHome, which I thought was no more or being swallowed by Openhab?

Are the above instructions still reasonably accurate/acceptable for creating a new binding?

The documentation your looking at is related to openHAB version 2.4. So that explains the references. The updated documentation can be found here:

Note. There is a skeleton script in the openhab2-addons bundle directory to create the basis for your new binding.