How to create an account in openhab 3 as in the demo version

Hi everyone. Tell me please. How to set up scenes in openhab 3 as in the demo version on the site? I studied the configuration on the demo version but I did not succeed. I created item:
Number General_scene “Scene” (Home) [“Point” ]
and set up widgets on the page, but they don’t take any values.

The simplest scene setup is scene_item + scene_rule where the rule makes the changes to other items based on the value of the scene_item. Make sure you’ve gone through the docs for items and rules.

So, the basic idea behind scenes like this is that you need a controlling item (usually a string item or a number item). This item can either be linked to the channel of some scene controlling device such as a zwave remote or this item can be a standalone item (not linked to any channels) that is only controlled by the UI. You need to understand what states this item can have: is it just 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or is it NIGHT, DAY, or maybe something like tv_button, console_button, cable_button. If you control this item through the UI then this part is easy because it can only have whatever states you define, but if it is connected to some device via a channel then sometimes this can take a little effort making changes with the device and checking the logs to see what values it sends.

Once you know what values to expect from your controlling item, then you need to create a rule. In OH rules only run where there is a specific trigger and for this case the only trigger you want is that the value in your scene item changes. If you are not yet feeling up to scripting all the different scene options in one rule then you can simply use the Rule UI to create one rule for each scene state and add actions for each household item you want to see changed.

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Thanks for the reply. I created a numeric item without the channel “Number General_scene” Scene” (Home) [“Point” ]" I did not understand how to make this item take the values 1,2,3,4…so that I can use it in the scene. please tell me how to do this?

Items change states when they receive commands. Because your item doesn’t have a link to any channel it will not receive any command from a thing (via that thing’s binding). You want to be able to control this item from the UI so you need to understand how UI components can be configured to send a command to an item. The docs on building pages will be where you want to start here. Pay particular attention to the section on Actions, because many of the standard widgets that you can add to your page will have the option to configure a send command action.