How to create custom semantic tags

openHAB 4 M2 includes an API to add custom semantic tags with some caveats:

  • You can add custom semantic tags, but it won’t persist through openhab restart. This simply means you need to re-create them. So the ideal (and currently only) way to do this is by writing a script to create them. Your script gets loaded on startup so it works out fine.
  • Once a custom tag is added, it cannot be deleted or modified - until openhab is restarted.

To create a custom semantic tag:

Using JS Scripting

const SemanticTags = Java.type('org.openhab.core.semantics.SemanticTags');
SemanticTags.add('YourCustomTag', 'ExistingParentTag');
SemanticTags.add('Balcony', 'Outdoor');

Or to specify a custom label, e.g. in your own language:

SemanticTags.add('YourCustomTag', 'ExistingParentTag', 'Your custom label', 'Comma,Separated,List,Of,Synonyms', 'Description');

The label, synonyms and description are all optional and can be null.

Using JRuby

This feature was added in the openhab-scripting helper library version 5.1.0

Semantics.add(YourCustomTag: Semantics::ParentTag) # Semantics::ParentTag is a placeholder for an actual existing tag
Semantics.add(StorageRoom: Semantics::Room)

# Once added, `Semantics::StorageRoom` became a valid semantic tag
# and can be used as the parent tag
Semantics.add(SecretStorageRoom: Semantics::StorageRoom)

# You can also use strings
Semantics.add("ExamRoom" => "Room")

# Or
Semantics.add("ConferenceRoom" => Semantics::Office)

To specify extra details for the tag:

Semantics.add(MyCustomTag: Semantics::Location, 
  label: "My custom label", 
  synonyms: "Foo,Bar", 
  description: "A longer description, currently not used")

You can also find out a semantic tag’s extra details Semantics::Kitchen.label # The localized label for the `Kitchen` tag Semantics::Kitchen.synonyms # An array containing the list of localized synonyms

Here’s a fictitious star ship with custom semantic tags:

Semantics.add(FoodReplicator: Semantics::Equipment)
Semantics.add(VoiceInput: Semantics::Point)

Semantics.add(MessHall: Semantics::Room)

Semantics.add(TransporterRoom: Semantics::Location)
Semantics.add(TransporterConsole: Semantics::Equipment)

Semantics.add(Holodeck: Semantics::Room)
Semantics.add(HolodeckControls: Semantics::Equipment)
Semantics.add(SafetyProtocols: Semantics::Control)

Semantics.add(StarShip: Semantics::Location)
Semantics.add(GalaxyClassShip: Semantics::StarShip)


Note there’s currently an open PR to fully integrate the custom tags into MainUI so you can select them from the semantics selection screen:

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