How to debug a very slow responding zwave device

I’m using a rule to connect a Fibaro z-wave switch in wall switch to a lamp in the room.
This lamp is connected to a Greenwave z-wave powerstrip.

The problem is after recreating all the things (after the mapdb -> jsondb update) this switch responds really slow. Like 10 minutes. Triggering the switch and looking in events.log it really takes to switch 10 minutes to update the OpenHAB item.
So the problem is the switch, and not the rule and not the connecting device.

But my question is, how to I debug a situation like this?

The Fibaro device is inside a wall, but on the other side of the wall (inhouse, 7cm of cullular concrete (not sure if translated correctly, but quite soft, almost like plaster)). Is my OpenHAB server. And I have working z-wave devices two 20cm contrete floors up. And it worked before recreating the things in OpenHAB.