How to delete items in paperUI (no trashcan)

Using Rpi with openhab 2.3 stable, apt-get hasselfree.

I have search as well as searched through the community, but I can´t find the answer:
Where is the damn trashcan.

I would assume that items created form items files doesn´t have a trashcan. But I still have several items created from within PaperUI. But I dont see how to delete those items.

So question is:
How to delete an item from PaperUI? (an items which has been created within PaperUI that is).

For me, items created from within PaperUI show like the last on the picture.

So, your assumption is correct, there should bea trashcan for items created within PaperUI. Why it doesn’t show for you, I can’t say.

maybe? you need to break the links to the Thing’s Channels before you can delete the Items?
I don’t have any PaperUI defined Items, so it’s just a guess :slight_smile:

I tried that as well, cause I read several threads where people say they are deleting the items. So I suspect I had to delete the link first, (which in my opinion is logic). But the trashcan simply doesn´t show afterwards :frowning:

I wonder if the trashcan icon first will appear, after I restart/reboot OpenHab?

That would explain why I don´t see any, though I have unlinked quite a few items. But I would rather not restart/reboot OpenHab atm, due to some difficulties and testing with my Zigbee devices and the Zigbee binding.