How to delete ZWave Thing from OH (not from contoller)

I just upgraded to OH 3.4 and want toc change my ‘things’ configuration for ZWave from files to GUI.
( I prefer not to do so (on reason is the issue I am facing now), but the format for the file based setup for ZWave changed too many times and it seems hard to find the proper info. (Please do not consider this a rant, I like OpenHAB and I appreciate all the work everyone puts in it)

What I am now facing: I have some ZWave nodes disabled on the “things” page. Those nodes are attached to a “non existing” ZWave bridge. When I select “Delete thing” then the state changes to “REMOVING”, but this does never change.
I already tried to delete the tmp and cache directory, but this did not help.

How to delete all ZWave things from OH ? (Not deleting from the ZStick)

Well I think I can answer my own question. Deleting all thing related files from jsondb did the trick. Since all my other configs are text based this did not impose any problems…

I’ve seen things stuck in REMOVING before. Going back into the thing and deleting again should prompt for a “Force Delete” or something close that. Been a while, but I’ve done it that way and have had no issues.

Unable to remove thing in Openhab 3