How to detect who triggered the rule?

Dear all,
I do have a rule which displays the change of some items. In my case current song and artist, sound volume, television program and so on. This rule is triggered by the change of these items (OR chain). Now it would be nice to detect which item change triggered the rule. For example to display the new souns volume for 3 seconds by a Blockley script after the volume changed and so on. Of course it would be possible to setup a rule for every item or check the persistent (changed in the last xy seconds) but maybe there is a smarter way?

Best regards and thank you

Look at implicit variables within the rule documentation, that’s already available

Thank you for your hint. Is this only available using textual rules or also using blockly rules? I am searching for a approach which can be applied using blockly rules.

For example:

Thank you! I will try this!