How to determine package and subpackage names for setting logging level?

I have been getting these error & warning messages every 10 seconds

2019-05-07 09:03:58.908 [ERROR] [ng.wink.handler.WinkBaseThingHandler] - PubNub Error PNBadRequestCategory
2019-05-07 09:03:58.914 [WARN ] [nub.api.managers.ReconnectionManager] - reconnection policy is disabled, please handle reconnection manually.
2019-05-07 09:03:59.100 [ERROR] [ng.wink.handler.WinkBaseThingHandler] - PubNub timeout, reconnecting

For now, I would like to suppress them until I find a solution. I was able to turn OFF the wink error messages via the console like this

openhab> log:set OFF org.openhab.binding.wink

However, I could not figure out the name of package/subpackage of the [nub.api.managers.ReconnectionManager] warning message. I tried

openhab> log:set OFF nub
openhab> log:set OFF nub.api.managers.ReconnectionManager

but those did not work.
So how do I determine the correct name?
Thank you.

What binding is that? You
Could try to bundle:list -s and guess the bundle name. It could be org.openhab.binding.wink for the first message.

Or Google it and you’ll see it’s: