How to display a boolean Value in a widget

There is a Item “LowBatteryStatus” (NiedrigerBatteriestatus in German ), which would I like to report in a widget: I think, it delivers a boolean value.

Text item=RSTHeizkorperthermostat1Schlafzimmer_NiedrigerBatteriestatus label=“Schlafzimmer”

However it appears only the Label “Schlafzimmer” in the widget.

How to print boolean values?

All Items have clearly defined states depending on Item type, what’s yours? None are boolean, the closest would be Switch types with ON/OFF and Contact types with OPEN/CLOSED.

You’ll probably need to put an “%s” in your Item’s metadata ‘pattern’ if you want some string representation of its state.

Or, as you seem to using sitemap?

Use the state presentation part [ ] of the widget label.

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