How to display a "contact" item in a sitemap on OH3?


I’m using OH3 on raspberryPI4 since a few days and it makes quite some fun to just create all the things/items in the new UI. I managed to get over some issues but now stuck with displaying the open/closed status of my garage.

I’ve created a “contact” item and in this item I immediately see the status of the garage. Just when I try to add this item in a sitemap with a “text” or “switch” widget, it doesn’t show anything … do you know if “contact” items are compatible to the classic sitemaps and how I can embed these?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Just to be clear, we are referring to sitemaps, not MainUI Page widgets.

Add the contact as a text, but you also have to tell it to include the state in the label.

label="Garage door state [%s]"

That’s be a part of a text based Item config. If defining Items in the UI, add the parts between the [ ] to the State Description Item metadata as the Pattern.

Items | openHAB provides more information about displaying an Item’s state.

Thank you so much for the quick help!