How to display a service status


I have a sitemap settings, I want to be able to display as a string the status of several services with a reasonable refresh time like 5 minutes

In case that a service is not a running, I will write a rule to send a telegram

How to start?

Do you mean you want to get status info from external services running on same server than oh?

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Then some scripts are needed if there’s not a binding for it. Are those services able to send their status on their own? If not, you have to write a script that queries the status of those services and sends an update through openHABs REST api. That script can then be timed with cron assuming you are running some variant of linux.


it seems complex :open_mouth:

It is, more or less…

But, if your services have some port open you can poll them with the network binding, even if they run on the same machine.

Thanks nice idea

They are just running local pyhhon scripts

sorry for my intrusion on the thread.
I’m interesting about it.
I need know if some services are up and running (for example qbittorrent).
How I can do this?

Thanks a lot

For starters you have to investigate qbittorrent to see how to get the needed information from it. Or as suggested above does it have a open port to ping?

I have tested with ping…but it doesn’t work…
I have traied also with other device on the LAN…but nothing

sitemap demo label=“Main Menu”
Frame {
Text item=qbittorrent label=“Device [%s]”
Text item=MyDeviceQB label=“Device Response Time [%s]”

Switch qbittorrent {channel=“network:pingdevice:qbittorrent:online”}
Number MyDeviceQB {channel=“network:pingdevice:qbittorrent:latency”}

Thing network:pingdevice:qbittorrent [hostname=“”, port"9091"]

Resolved :slight_smile:

I haven’t installed Network Binding

Now, how can I do create a button with status ON (call before systemctl start name_service and check status) and status OFF (call before systemctl stop name_service and check status)?

I didn’t quite understand but I assume you have a script that calls systemctl start and stop methods. And this script will inform openHAB about service statuses before calling those. Next is to create the needed items in openHAB and get familiar with REST API.