How to display the value of a string Item in the sitemap


I have a KNX alarm box that returns three rows of text regarding a security area e.g.
Row1: Ground Floor
Row2: Ready for
Row3: arming

My items file looks like this:

String Text1_SA1 (gMyOpenHAB) { knx="<5/2/1" }
String Text2_SA1 (gMyOpenHAB) { knx="<5/2/2" }
String Text3_SA1 (gMyOpenHAB) { knx="<5/2/3" }

In the sitemap I have added this

Text label="Security" icon="none" {
			Text item=Text1_SA1 label="[%s]" icon="none"
			Text item=Text2_SA1 label="[%s]" icon="none"
			Text item=Text3_SA1 label="[%s]" icon="none"

The result is that the text is aligned on the right, which looks not nice at all.
I wonder if it is possible to show the value of the item aligned on the left resp. it is possible to use the value as label text.

Thanks in advance for any advice to solve this.


There is a poorly understood/documented .label property of an Item that can be set in a rule (usually)