How to do a proper Zigbee full reset?

I have been experiencing issues with my Zigbee network (offline devices) so I decided to do a full reset.

To do so I removed all the devices (things) and the Zigbee coorinator (thing). The coordinator was removed properly but the devices are kept in REMOVING status.

How can I force the deletion of this things that are in REMOVING status?

Maybe this was not the proper way to do a full reset, how this should be done?


I think you just delete them again - this will force remove them (it’s not part of the binding - this is just a standard OH function).

I’m not in front of my system, but I think the coordinator has a “Reinitialise” option in the config parameters. This will reset the coordinator and form a new network.

I did that several times and I even tried to delete the zigbee folder for my coordinator from the userdata but the “things” are still there.

Ok, I will try that next time. Thanks!

This will not help. The things are stored in a database within OH - nothing to do with the zigbee binding. When you remove a thing, the binding will try and remove it from the network. Depending on the situation, this may or may not work. If it fails, then the only option is to force remove the thing - this is done outside of the binding by removing the thing a second time from the UI (the UI should pop up a message saying you are going to force remove it)…

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