How to do an "on page entry" action in habpanel

This might be a stupid question but can someone point me in the right direction on how to do an “on page entry” action for a habpanel page.

What I want to do is when within Habpanel a certain page is loaded that an on command is sent to an existing item in Openhab.

As background I want to use it for my page multimedia when, I have a rule that fires a set of serial commands to get the on-off state and volume levels. The rule is fired by sending an ON command to a switch item Status_Update_Receiver

I could obviously put a refresh button on the habpanel page but that’s far from elegant and don’t want to poll the receiver continuously with a cron triggered rule either (as the habpanel page is the only one where the actual values are relevant).

I created a button that send a fixed string to a dummy item.
Example: HAPPaneldashboard

Then I have a rule that picks upp on update for that dummy item.
In my rule I now start receiver, projector, KODI etc. And at the same time, I send back to HAPPanel to go to my “Cinema” dashboard.
Works perfect!

Good luck.

In this thread the topic did also arise:

This is also on my ToDo list. It would be cool to have a refresh interval triggered while viewing a certain page.

But the actions happen when you press the button on HABPanel correct?

What I’m looking for is the moment I open that screen in Habpanel for the action to happen so without having to press a button manually

What we are talkling about is almost the same thing but not quite.
You are talking about “entrance macros” to a dashboard which would fire items (projector ON etc).
However, to get to that dashboard, you would still have to push a button somewhere. Ie, on MAIN dashboard, you would have a button called “Cinema”.
Since “entrance” macros probably not are supported straight out of HABPanel, my solution does the same thing.

EDIT: of course if you are using HABPANEL side to go to dashboards, then this would not work.
But then again, using KIOSK mode would take away HABPanel side and you would still have to do a MAIN dashboard with following button/rules.

OK, now I understand you. I’m using an Ipad and that allows to safe a safari page on the background, so opening it as app and when you do that you automatically get Kiosk type of view (so no address bar). This works perfect for Habpanel. When swiping to the right the side panel appears so it makes it very easy to navigate.

So when using an ipad the most intuitive way to navigate is actually through the side panel. But you did raise a good point maybe in the interim I will do a navigate button from the most used other pages in combination with a refresh button on the page itself (so I will use refresh when entering through side panel).

But an “entrance macro” as you call it would definitely have a higher WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) :wink: