How to Edit input on openHAB UI

I am new here and need some help.

How can input be edited in the openHAB UI yet - anyone got any bright ideas?

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It depends on the input :slight_smile: i.e. if you have a number, you could use a setpoint item to change it’s value, or maybe set up an item with buttons:

Number Set_Value "Set Value" {autoupdate="false"}// proxy item
Number MyItem "My Item is [%s]"


Switch item=Set_Value mappings=[-10="-10",-1="-1",1="+1",10="+10"]


rule "Set the Value"
    Item Set_Value received command
    switch (receivedCommand) {
        case -10 : MyItem.sendCommand((MyItem.state as DecimalType)-10)
        case  -1 : MyItem.sendCommand((MyItem.state as DecimalType)-1)
        case   1 : MyItem.sendCommand((MyItem.state as DecimalType)+1)
        case  10 : MyItem.sendCommand((MyItem.state as DecimalType)+10)
        default  : logInfo("Set_Value","Wrong value: {}",receivedCommand.toString)

This would result in an Item with four buttons. Every time you press one of these buttons, the value of MyItem will change accordingly.
There is no way to get a free input from the UI, though you could build a webpage with text input which will push it’s input through REST to openHAB, and then integrate this webpage with the webview widget to openHAB. (sure, a huge workaround.)


Thanks Udo.

I have an issue and getting this message:

Cannot cast org.openhab.core.types.UnDefType to

Probably issue with initialization. Any thoughts?

Ah, yes. You can catch this in different ways. The first option is, set MyItem to 0 (or any other start value) at startup:

rule "start openHAB"
    System started

Or you can catch the Issue with this line between then and switch in the “set the value” rule:

if (!(MyItem.state instanceOf DecimalType)) MyItem.postUpdate(0)

The best Option probably would be to persist and restoreOnStartup MyItem with mapdb for example. (in addition to the second option, to initialize MyItem one-time.