How to edit the Wiki?

Hello Guys…
I would like to “help” by editing the the wiki in the fly, when i find a correct syntax that isn’t described deep enough in the wiki…
But how to edit the wiki? Is it simply by clicking the edit button on Git - or is there a smarter way?

Its a wiki. Just press the edit button and make your changes.

But be aware that the wiki is likely going to eventually be replaced with the OH 2 docs, or at least largely abandoned in favor of them. If you have any changes that are also applicable to OH 2 I highly recommend updating those docs in addition to/instead of the wiki.

Yes I also think the oh 2 docs is better to update… is that also “just” a wiki? Isn’t that a page that’s generated from a program?

There is an openhab-docs github repo where the docs maintained. If working with guy and all that is a little intimidating to start, you can at least create issues.