How to enable Basic Ui from Paper Ui with RaspPi3

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Hi, really new to both OpenHab and linux. Managed to install OpenHab2 on RaspPi3, selected basic on the initial startup but after working through the tutorials it recommends using basic Ui and only seem to have Paper Ui. Does anyone have any idea as to how to enable the basic Ui. Any help would be great.

Sorry, as you can see I’m very new to this.

You install it. Browse to the Add-ons -> UIs in PaperUI and you will find BasicUI among others listed. Click the + to install it and it will show up in your dashboard (i.e. http://ohserver:8080).

Then read the sitemap sections of the Beginner’s Tutorial and the Sitemap sections of the User’s Guide for how to create your Sitemap.

Hi Rich
I can’t seem to find the Basic Ui in the addons is there something else I need to do in the configuration for it ?

It is under the UIs tab.

There is nothing special you need to enable it. It is a core add-on and always available for installation.