How to end timer by rule instead of cancel timer?

I browsed to all timer examples here but I do not found an solution for my problem.

I want to stop a timer instead of just cancel it. Because I want that all command should run if the timer runs to the end or manually set to end before time runs out

What I tried:
Timer rule log something at the end of timer
tTimer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(120))
[ |
logInfo(“TIMERCHECK”,“TIMERCHECK: End timer”)
tTimer = null

This will reschedule the timer, works perfect

This will cancel the timer, works perfect, but does not run the command
logInfo(“TIMERCHECK”,“TIMERCHECK: End timer”)

I’m searching for something like

This will stop the timer before time is reached and runs the command
logInfo(“TIMERCHECK”,“TIMERCHECK: End timer”)

Is this possible and is there a documentation available what commands timer can handle. I looked at xtend, java, but do not find it there. Any hint?

Not att all sure about this, but do



ha, it is too easy for my thinking :wink: yes this is working, perfect, thank you.