How to export own Semantic Model (OH3)

I am currently documenting my OH3 semantic model by hand in Excel.
Locations, Equipement and Points.

Now I ask myself how is it possible to export this model.
Are there any ideas on which technical base i can export this.
Is there already a tool or function ?

My goal would be to export the tree for documentation purposes. Possibly simply as an XML file which can be viewed in a browser.


The Model really isn’t a separate thing. It’s a set of tags on Items and Group memberships. That’s all.

So you can get the JSON for all of your Items and process it to rebuild the model hierarchy based on the tags and Group membership. But that’s about it.

Obviously you may have reasons, but documenting the model in this way send like a while lot of effort for very little value. The model is already presented to you in a nice tree view. Transferring it to Excel just seems to double the amount of work but provides no additional information.

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