How to export "values" from Openhab

maybe a stupid question - but not clear to me how I would be able to export variables (e.g. switch power values from zwave devices) so I can access in best case via Controller’s IP + parameter.

My situation, having a remote Raspberry that holds a GPIO LCD Display…I would love to use this to present some system information (zwave related) …so I need a way (python, sh scrpit) to extract values from items in OPENHAB…how would I do that?
My hope is that is is almost as simple as setting values via http…

openHAB has a REST API you can use to get and set the state of your Items. See the wiki.

However, it sounds like you are really looking for a good display. If throwing up an openHAB Sitemap on this display (you can have multiple sitemaps) search this forum for “alternative UI” and you will see several threads of the various ways other users have created dashboards that work with openHAB.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe i was not 100% clear with my question.
I’m using simple LCD Character display (4x20char)…so I really only look for a simple way to grab via script from the remote Raspberry values from some of the items…as said…grab means that really the non openhab PC should pull for the values…not sent by Openhab…

How could I do that?

you can do exactly as @rlkoshak told you: write a script that uses rest api to read “from the remote Raspberry values from some of the items”

OK, thanks…but how would that look like - i’m far from being a REST expert…

The link I provided above has a full explanation with examples.

wow, thanks…seems rather straight forward…items/…/state via URL.