How to expose status from point to equipment?


in my model, I have an equipment “fridge” with a point “contact” (fridge - door)…
Is it possible to expose the state of a point as the state to the upper equipment and when how?

Thank you

I only find a was over the “aggregate” function…no assignment of a explicit point.

No. An equipment is just a group item, and this capability does not exist for group items. There just isn’t that much utility for this. Anyplace you would need to access the state of the group you can just use the item instead.

Not exactly. You can set the member base type of an equipment as e.g. a switch without aggregation and the equipment will show the state of the switch. This will work only if there is just one switch item in that equipment.

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Thank you, it works

Ok, it works for a real Switch…but I also want to do it the same way for motion detectors…
There I could not get it work.

It is the same…
I have two motion sensors in a group with the following config:

An detail question… could I have one switch item and additional other non-switch items below ?
Then it seams not to work this way… then I have aggregate it ?

The base type of the Group determines what states it can take up, and what aggregation functions are available for that.

Aggregation functions will try to take all member states into account - but discard those that cannot be “converted” to a suitable state for that function.

So for an example, you might have a Group with base type Switch, and function ‘One ON then ON’
Obviously a Switch type member will get taken into account.
A Location type member will be ignored - you cannot turn a location into ON/OFF.
A Color type member however - you can meaningfully extract ON/OFF information with “getStateAs” type logic, and so that will be used in the aggregation.

So the answer to

is “it all depends” - on types and function.

You can do stuff like have a Group of base type Number, function COUNT(“Offline”), with all String members.


Oh, thank you. Now I know the problem. I have to “restructure” my model a little bit, so that the standard Location Card looks fine