How to fix error Temp on UI Basic

Hi guy!
I have set up the item and displayed the sonoff basic temperature via mqtt, but in addition to the sitemap, I reported an error
How to fix it.
It does not error in the control


Hard to tell without more info about Item and channel, but it looks like you just load some JSON into a string type Item state.
You probably need to look into using JSONPath with MQTT.

thanks @rossko57
I only use the setup interface, and this is JSONPATH.

Your Incoming Value tranformation does not match the syntax description below. Please reread the hint and correct the transformation.

Sorry, I have not really figured out the problem, can you give me an example for my case?


You are using brackets while the example uses a colon.


thanks @job

Only successful Humidity, when I change it to JSONPATH: $. DHT11. Humidity
And I was really confused when the temperature didn’t work again. This is jsonpath: JSONPATH: $. DHT11.Temperature

Both are text items. and my sitemap

Frame label=“weather” {
Text item=Bedroom_Temperature label=“Outside Temperature [%.1f °C]” icon=“temperature”
Text item=Bedroom_Humidity label=“Outside Humidity [%d %%]” icon=“humidity”


You cannot use the %.1f decimal format on a string Item state, it’s a string

thanks @rossko57
Great, I created a new item with the number format and it work. Maybe, I tried to link to an old item that was not a Number and I have not discovered.