How to get all data from z-wave-devices?

Hello all,
I always have the problem that not all channels of Z-Wave devices provide data. For example, I have door sensors that tell me the battery level, but not the status, whether open or closed.
Tonight a Z-Wave smoke detector alarmed, but nothing arrived in openHAB.
Can anyone tell me what I need to set so that I get the data from all channels.
I must say that in the meantime I have changed to a Raspi4 with openHAB 3, but the Z-Wave module has not changed.
Is there a good workflow to identify the causes and solve the problems?
Thank you very much for your help.

In general battery devices are tricky things…

First of all I would relate you to all information I have put together here:

Other than that I would start setting the binding to DEBUG and see what is being received. If that doesn’t help you can go for sniffing the network (see link above), though is requires a major setup.

You may also post here the exact device you are having trouble with and we can see if we have some experience with that.