How to get auto discovery from MQTT?

Is it possible to have auto discovery for zigbee things thru MQTT?

When I read I understand as it could work using the Homie or HomeAssistant “mqtt-addon”. But I dont understand if it is meant to connect to a full existing Home Assistant setup, or if its a way to for ex configure the mqtt broker to work different? What possibilites are there? Im new to zigbee and Mqtt.

I use OH 3.2 with Mosquitto broker and zigbee2MQTT with a Conbee2 Usb on Windows 10.
I have everything working when using Generic MQTT Thing.

openHAB MQTT binding can discover stuff that talks to the MQTT broker using Homie or Home Assistant standards.

So if you use zigbee2MQTT, you’d want to make that talk Homie or Home Assistant style.

As rossko said, you need to activate the Home Assistant feature in your z2mqtt config. Have a look here.

Great, thanx alot :slight_smile:
Seems to work great. Any known backside with using HomeAssistant MQTT things instead of creating Generic MQTT Thing? (Also it looks like its possible to mix those)

Note for others.
Json and Jinja Transformations needs to be installed.

I am not really aware of any drawbacks.
Personally I only use generic and also did not turn on the z2mqtt option as I prefer to do it manually for having more control.
I also turned of the json mqtt message and use the “advanced” one which gives you sperate topics per payload.

Thanx, so much to learn.

Any particular parts you get more in control of when using Generic thing?

I tried to read, but how do you inactivate json mqtt message? Sounds like an easier way to handle mqtt without json translation for each channel?

Using Homie mqtt thing discovery. Different from HA version? Also something thats activated in zigbee2mqtt config file?

Using the web based front end:

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In case you want to do it in your config file: here