How to get firmware version of zwave device...?

HI @chris

I want to get firmware version of zwave device (ae otec energy meter )
There is command class VERSION,
what should be the correct items entry for getting version information…?
Please reply as soon as possible…?


It is not possible to get this information as an item. You can view it in the UI, or in the XML.

Sorry to bump up this old thread. I have three zwave smoke detectors that misbehave (Popp004001). I asked the supplier about that and he asks me what firmware version is my Z-stick and the three smoke detectors. This sounded like a simple question but I was wrong.

I found my xml-files in /var/lib/openhab2/zwave. (running HABIAN on Debian 9 laptop)
The xml of the smoke detector does not give me a firmware version I think?
There is a ‘version’-entry, 4, but is this the firmware version? All my zwave-xml files have this entry ‘version 4’.


Off topic: Why are there xml-files like this: 'node19.xml ’ and also like this: ‘network_xxxxxxxx__node_19.xml’?
I guess half of these files are left overs from earlier bindings/experiments and can be deleted?

Then the UI. Is that paper UI? or Habmin?
In paperUI I can find some info stating Fimware version 1.00, but this looks like a ‘general info’-part, not necessarily from my specific device. The same info is in Habmin on the upper part.
When I go down to ‘attributes’ I see Firmware version 2.1, this must be it! But this number is nowhere in the xml?
My Zwave plus USB-dongle though doesn’t have an entry behind ‘Firmware version’.
So how should I get the firmware versons of zwave devices, including the z-stick?

No - it’s not.

Because they changed format between 2.3 and 2.4 to allow support for multiple controllers.

The dongles act very different than devices and use a different API. This information isn’t retrieved or stored if I remember correctly (it might be retrieved on startup possibly, but I don’t think it’s in the XML).

You already have it for the devices - you said it shows 2.1. This is the firmware version - it is likely also in the XML if you know where to look, but attributes are stored differently.

You are right, if you know where to look:


Thanx for your explanation and confirmation!