How to get Google Assistant to tell me the value of a string/number item?

How can I query Google Assistant (which can be on my mobile phone while I’m away from home - linked via myopenhab) to tell me the value of a string / number item? The only way I can think of is using thermostat / thermometer and it can tell me the “temperature” (i.e. a number, disguised as temperature).

Any other tricks?

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Currently not possible. Public issue tracking this on google home

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Thanks for the info! This and the “hey google, turn off light in 5 minutes” would be really handy

Considering the pace of google, I would not count on this Sensor thing coming any time soon…

I havn´t tried, but I believe the v2.0 integration now supports “scenes”… Perhaps you could set up scenes in openhab, and use that.

I was wondering too. Is it the limitation of our binding or GA is so limited. More people should post to that tracker to rise priority.