How to get official updates

Hi guys,
I have what seems to be a very basic question.
How do I receive updates/latest version for both bindings and openhab itself. I am talking about official updates (thus for bindings) and not snapshots.

Would a simple sudo apt-get upgrade suffice?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

you should get the stable 2.2 when you do.

If you wont to use a stable version, you have to wait for the next stable version. That is the save way.

OpenHab 2.0 was released on 21 Jan 2017
OpenHab 2.1 was released on 28 Jun 2017
OpenHab 2.2 was released on 18 Dec 2017

(Dates from

Is that only for openhab itself, or also all the bindings?

I don’t think bindings are released separately.

Binding and OH core are all realeased at the same time and use the same version number. Everything is released in synch.