How to get started with development

Hi all. I recently bought a Venstar thermostat and I‘ve got it working with the OpenHAB binding. I’ve noticed there is a lot more functionality available via the device local API than the binding currently supports (and the functionality is easily available even by sending http commands in a browser) so I am thinking about working on the binding. I have no clue how to start. Where to find the binding? What programming skills do I need? How to test it for myself first? How to make it available to everyone eventually? How does versioning work? If I’m not eventually confident enough in my work to unleash it on the public can I still use it myself?
Appreciate any advice. Can’t find a simply explained answer in the community. I’m a reasonably good programmer and I’m “aware of” github, but this would be my first attempt at anything like this.

Start by looking at the Developer guide, that should answer most of your questions.

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