How to get status info into sitemap?


I’m using the homematic binding and trying to retrieve the information config_pending, unreach and lowbat from the 0 channel (similar to the openhab 1 binding).

Number	door_configpending "Door config pending" (ConfigPending) { channel="homematic:HG-HM-Sec-SCo:0cdb7f0b:NEQ12345:0#CONFIG_PENDING" }

But it seems I can#t access these information directly. In the PaperUI I can see these information in the status of the item.

a. Is there something wrong with my item definition that I can’t access this data? Or is it something special in the binding?
b. Can I access the StatusInfo of an item in my items definition file (or rules)?


config_pending and unreach are not longer propagated to item. Lowbat is a switch and should work. Is your channel configuration copied from the paperUI?


Thanks. That’s what I suspected. Lowbat is working, they are just all false :-).

Is there any chance to get the missing information elsewhere? Openhab does have them (in the StatusInfo) just not in the channel. Maybe via a rule?