How to get the "clear dustbin" message on robrorock s5 with Xiaomi Mi IO Binding


I added my S5 to my openhab 2.5m3… Pretty awesome, nice to get the “room feature” to my s5.

I added some rules to get notified, whenever my robot get in trouble or just need some attention… :slight_smile:

What I’m missing is ability to get notified, when the “dustbin” needs to be emptied.

Is it possible to get via the command channel? Do I miss something?

Thanks BrutalBirdie.

I had in my mind, adding tags to my topic is enough. Of course it is not… :slight_smile:

Sry for that.

Okay here are the missing information, if still something is missing, please let me know

I am using openhab 2.5m3 on debian buster.

The Xiaomi Mi IO Binding is used to communicate with my xiaomi roborock s5 vacuum robot.

So far, the only thing I am missing is the possibility to get a notification, whenever the dustbin need to be emptied. Maybe the state of the dustbin can be requested via the " Execute Command" -miio:vacuum::actions#commands channel?

I had a lock at the vacuum commands:

with that I assumed all the channels :consumables#main_brush_percent, sensor_dirt_percent etc. are using internal the CONSUMABLES_GET command?

Thanks a lot


Many people here would love to help you, but not every one has this hardware.
So you should share more informations. :confused:

I have no clue what binding is used, I have no clue where to look for docs, I have no clue what channels are present etc.

If you want help try to post your questions from a different mindset.
Just leaving this How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You here :slight_smile:

I think he´s talking about the Roborock S5 robotic vacumcleaner and it´s dustbin… He want to know if he can get a notification when it needs to be emptyéd.

I havn´t got the answer. But try search the forum. I think there has some talk about it.

thx, my fault… I added some infos to my original post.

In deed, I’m talking about this vacuum cleaner… I added some info’s to my original post.
I search the forum and couldn’t find anything for that. I found some topics about “moving the robot backward to access the dustbin” but none for getting notified, whenever the dustbin is full .


I´ll be getting my Roborock S55 one of these days, then I´ll take a look at it. Untill then I cant help unfortunatly.

I have an S6, and in the binding you get “Error state” and “Status”. I would think that at least one of them notifies of dustbin full. But haven’t got to that point yet. Mine is less than a week old :slight_smile:


to bad is not one of the errors you get…;(
Looks like something “special”?


That’s fine…:wink:
If there is anything I can do to get you a hand, so please let me know…


There probably is… I´ll be getting my S55 in a coupple of hours… I imagin I have lots of work to do in the weekend, (hopefully not manual vacumcleaning :smiley: ).

As far as I know there is no sensor (in the S5) to check how full the dustbin in the vacuumcleaner is. The Official App also does not notify the user when it’s time too clear the bin.

You could create a rule that checks the amount of cleaned m² to regularly notify you when it might be time to clear.
I use this nice little automation by rsemmens: What did you build/automated today (with pictures)?

Hey Wolle,

I do have two of them.
For both I’m getting a notification through the app, when I have to clean the dustbin…


I just have a rule to drive my S5 next to the bin every second day… it sits there waiting for someone ( me ) to then empty it…