How to go from nodes to items? (extreme newbe question)

Hi all,
I have probably an extreme new-be question, since I can not find anybody reporting my problem. But on the other hand I may just have an installation problem? I am completely new to zwave/openhab/habmin.

I understand that hardware has to be included, initialised, and configured. My problem is with the configuration.
In habmin I can see ‘configuration/bindings/zwave/devices/nodes’, e.g. node4, showing up as NS210 (it actually is the Greenwave powernode1, ‘ns310F’ so that is going to be my second question in second post). I assumed that habmin would help me configuring the item in an item-file. But when I click on ‘configuration/items and groups’ and click ‘add’, the drop-down menu is empty, no node can be chosen.
Reading through the openhab manual I understand I have to create an item-file. But I also understand that habmin only looks at it’s own item files. So how do I make an itemfile in habmin, which corresponds to the correct node?

My setup: laptop running Ubuntu 15.10, Openhab via apt-get install, and habmin 1.4
Aeon zwave-usb-stick Gen5, and among others: the Greenwave Powernode-1 NS310-F.

If I remember correctly, when you create a new item, HABmin asks you for the model name - this is the filename.

Item files have no relationship to nodes. Items can be put into any file (in the appropriate folder, and with the appropriate extension).

The link to nodes comes in the binding strings - it would be worth taking a look at the wiki -:

or the examples -:

Both of these show a number of binding configurations for different devices…

Thanks Chris, this, together with your email last Thursday helped a lot! What I did not get, is that the binding string in the item file, for me: zwave=“4:command=switch_binary”, ties the item to the right node by this number. I though it was some config number that has to do with the hardware. Maybe it is in the manual somewhere, but I can not find it. Also the examples just give these numbers, but never explain. If I didn’t overlook: maybe this should be added explicitly.
Anyway, I just managed to put my lights on and off from the sitemap for the first time!
I’ll be sleeping as baby tonight! :blush: