How to identify a problem? Tons of Logfile-Entries

After the reboot i am also back to about 2-3 % CPU-Usage.

I have one binding to loxone which is about since wednesday down (my parents house and i broke the vpn…). Could that create such an issue?

And secondly: I am running the instable-path of openhab. Maybe there has been an issue since the last updates.

@Dim: by the way: what top-replacement are you using? Looks nice.

apt-get update && apt-get install htop :slight_smile:

I can’t say for sure… but definitely it doesn’t help to have a binding running that cannot connect to its destination and retries all the time… If you don’t/can’t use it: uninstall it.

Are you on the latest snapshot (OH2.4.0.S1442)?

I disabled the thing and renamed the items-file of loxone, rebooted the whole system.
Didnt help. After some minutes the cpu is back to 400%.

I think next I will try to remove other bindings and things and have a look if it solves.

Yes, 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1442

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I like htop :slight_smile:

Question: How many threads should openhab open?

My server runs openhab, graphana and influxdb… htop shows 49 tasks and 331 threads.

OH2 process has 226 threads open on my system
totally, I have 1559 threads open but I run a sh!t load of stuff on my Debian :slight_smile:

cat /proc/<pid_of_oh2>/status

I think i solved the issue. I removed binding after binding… and added them step by step. Now every binding is back and my cpu-utilization is < 10% …
I wont understand this :slight_smile:

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