How to implement a binding between openhab and thingslog

What is required from in order to be implemented a binding between openhab and thingslog.

I am using thingslog to monitor my home water and electricity consumption.

Saying that they have an http data push API. The api is documented here

Seems that it sends json on every data transsmision from the data logger.

I would like to set my openhab as an endpoint and somehow to get the readings of my meters inside.

I have a little development skills mostly system administration and shell scripting.

That should be enough.
You could use the exec binding or executeCommandLine to run a shell script that is triggered by a cron rule to

  • download the current value from thingslog every X minutes
  • extract the value
  • send it via REST API to an item/thing
  • by using persistence data will be put into a db

Hi @Wolfgang_S thanks for this. Seems possible. ThingsLog guys told me that maybe the integration could be direct e.g their data push json to be send directly to openhab API.
I guess it is documented somewhere but how to send multiple readings values to openhab API?

I have checked this and it seems very simple and ok but examples are only for ON/OFF sensors.

Where in my case the data logger sends a whole bunch of records.

does that mean e.g. a collection of temperatures in different rooms, a collection of temperatures for the same room but different times or even both temperatures in different rooms at different times ?
Do you have an example ?

Example as per their documentation so each time the device transmit that kind of json is generated.
When the tag is rssi that is signal strength of the transmission. What I care most is the value of sensor_index 0 and 1 which is my water and heat meters.


Before I assumed that it is about single device and single values that are transmitted but it is about multiple devices and multiple values to be stored.
I assume that parsing the JSON shouldn’t be a problem. As it is multiple device and multiple values the openHAB REST API will not work ( would change the timestamp of all related values ).
You would have to store the data directly to the related database.
In case you use influxdb have a look at Write data with the InfluxDB API | InfluxDB OSS 1.8 Documentation